30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 23 : The last song you fell in love with.

Phoenix (Fall Out Boy). I have to admit I am listening this one over and over since I’ve discovered Fall Out Boy had made another album. The whole album is really great, I can’t seem to get tired of it. But this one song is my favorite. It really speaks to me.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 22 : A website you love.

Well tumblr ? There was a time when I had a lot of time, and a lot of website I was visiting dayly. Nowadays, I have less time, so I kinda go nowhere except for Tumblr… This is sad I guess.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 21 : Something you love to cook.

I find cooking cookies very relaxing. It is really easy and soothing. I also love to cook soups, because I love to eat fresh homemade soup, and because it is easy and also relaxing to do. But I love to cook a lot of other things, cooking is a hobby of mine, I miss it when I don’t do it for some time.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 20 : Something you are very bad at.

I already talked about how bad I am at singing… What else ? Ironing… And running, I have asthma and I guess I just never learned to run so I am very bad at it. Plus with my eyes, I always think I am going to fall (to be fair, the last time I tried to run, I broke my arm in two places so….).


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 19 : What kind of sleeper are you ?

I like to sleep, most of the time I don’t have any issue falling asleep (I actually can do it even with a lot of noise). I remember my dreams most night. I also remember my nightmares, which is less fun, and they are numerous. I also have night terrors and sleep paralysis, less than I have nightmares, but still. It’s actually a wonder that I still fall asleep so easy with all the crap that happens to me at night. (but there are good nights too). I don’t like sleeping with someone because I usually don’t sleep, fearing that I would snore or talk or move too much and wake the person.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 18 : A talent you would sell your soul to have.

Singing. I mean, I would love to be able to draw, or to be a good actress…. Or to make beautiful clothes… But the thing is, I can’t sing, at all, still I love to do it, even if it’s always off key, so sometimes I really wish I could sing. Mostly because I guess I would be less annoying to everyone if I were singing beautifully.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 17 : The next place you want to visit.

I want to go to the USA, and my sister and I plan to do a road trip some day, but it won’t probably the next travelling I’l be doing, it will take money and time and I have neither for now.

I really want to go to Ireland, and to Scotland, that’s a little more possible. I also miss Lisbon very deeply, I may get back there before I go to a new country.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 16 : A song that you always listen on repeat.

I am a little bit obsessive when it comes to music so there are a lot of songs I listen again and again. But maybe the one I just can’t listen only once is Why Don’t You Get A Job by The Offspring. This is a great song, catchy, with great lyrics, and great music. But it is also the first song of The Offspring that I’ve discovered, the song that made me fall in love with that band, and with punk rock. This a very sentimental song for me.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 15 : Something very annoying about you.

I guess I have a lot of things that are annoying about myself. Maybe the worst is the fact that I have a tendency to procrastinate a lot. I always end up doing what I have to do, but it can take me a long long time. And sometimes it annoys the fuck of the people that live with me.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 14 : The chore you hate. The one you like.

I hate ironing. But that’s cheating I guess because I never do it anyway. If I had to chose one chore to do, it would be washing the dishes, that doesn’t bother me that much.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 13 : Something annoying.

People that listen their music very loudly in public. I mean, I understand you want to listen to your music, but why so loud ? Most of the time I can’t even hear my music over theirs, this is crazy ! How aren’t these people not deaf yet ?


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 12 : A piece of trivia about yourself.

 I really like to be barefeet. I find shoes beautiful on others, but I hate wearing them, you will most probably never see me in heels (they are just torture). When I get home, the first thing I do is to take off my shoes and my socks. I wish I could live in a place were shoes are not mandatory….


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 11 : Phobias ? Fears ?

 Yet another occasion to say I’m coulrophobic. I almost got hit by a car once because I saw a clown an tried to get away. Even just thinking about clowns scares me more than I can say. Comes mostly from the fact that I saw the miniserie It when I was like 3 or 4, still have nightmares about it.

I also have a phobia of slugs. I almost killed my best friend’s brother once because of a slug, but that’s another story for another time. I don’t like worms a lot either, but I can overcome it, which is not the case about slugs.

About the fears, I kinda have a fear of the dark, not very strong, I have beaten most of it, but there is time when it really scares me.

I don’t know if it’s a fear, but I am also very cautious around animals I don’t know. I love animals, but they can be dangerous I guess.

30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 10 : A celebrity you hate.

I have no idea how it came to be, but I hate Tom Cruise. I mean, he is scary and crazy, and the all scientology stuff creeps me out, and I think he is a bad actor… But, it is more than that. Just seeing his face weirds me out, grosses me out even. I don’t know why… There are other celebrities I don’t like, but that gutwrenching hate just happens with Tom Cruise.


30 days of me, myself and 1, Day 9 : A photo you took.

I have a thing for trees with weird light and shadows (and halos too). Most of the photos I take end up being a tree, with great light. This one I totally fell in love with when I was in Roma with my family. It was in the Palatino, and you can see the Colosseum behind if you look very closely. I love how it turns out looking like some kind of monster. I love that photo.